We strive to create places that enhance community, generate memorable experiences and bring about inspiring moments.



where we come from.

Where we came from.

Corky McMillin started his business in San Diego, CA in 1960 as a remodeling and custom-home builder. Over the next 50 years, Corky, with the help of sons Mark and Scott, grew the company into a fully integrated real estate company, including land development, home building and real estate services. The Corky McMillin Companies has built 16 mixed-use master-planned communities, nearly 30,000 residences, more than 20 community parks, thousands of miles of new roads, schools, shopping centers, commercial office and industrial parks, college dormitories, and 2,000 military residences on seven bases. This is the legacy of The Corky McMillin Companies’ commitment to improving communities and giving people the opportunity to live full and satisfying lives. Our heritage embodies 50+ years of working to build a strong, optimistic reputation- one of quality, family and community.

Where we’re going.

Company leadership has progressed to the third generation. McMillin’s new endeavors are led by principals Scott McMillin and Andy McMillin. Scott has been with the company since 1981, serving as co-president from 1998-2005 and Chairman of the Board since 2005. Andy McMillin has been with McMillin since 2007 and as the new CEO will be leading us headfirst into the 21st century with the rebirth of the company’s brand, vision and project motives all while upholding the reputation and high quality of work that has been associated with The Corky McMillin Companies. The duo will team together to prolong the McMillin dream: to create memorable places and experiences within communities where families can grow and thrive for generations to come.

who we are.

Who we are.

We have a passion for projects that create community and truly inspire people.

We are family owned and operated, however we are not just family by blood. McMillin is made up of a team of collaborators. We foster a culture of teamwork, creativity and collaboration in which each team member can share ideas and offer insight from their previous experiences. We believe in giving back to our communities and do so by curating authentic guest experiences where people can indulge their senses, forge stronger connections with family and friends, and enjoy a real sense of belonging. If we can inspire people to give life to a new idea or create a lasting memory, then we have achieved our ultimate goal. We believe that people shouldn’t have to wait for a special occasion to enjoy life’s simple pleasures; our mission is to create places that allow you to enjoy them daily, elevate the surrounding community and permeate it with inspiration.

Inspiring Moments are the higher purpose that guide everything we do and are the result of Unwavering EXCELLENCE, Focused INNOVATION, Thoughtful CURATION, and Passionate SERVICE.



INNOVATION: Sampling a new vintage – We want to offer our people the opportunity to try something new, even if it’s just going out for drinks close to home. Changing things up helps keep people inspired. And that is true when it comes to business as well. We find the most creative thinking comes when we venture outside our normal routines and typical ways of doing things.


EXCELLENCE: It’s a process – We understand that the customer experience is the sum of every detail that we put into a project. This is what drives our continued pursuit of excellence and the unrelenting desire to always be better.


CURATION: It’s an art form – There is an ever-increasing variety of information and choices bombarding people every day. By being selective in what and who we include in our projects we can elevate the experiences we provide our guests. This requires us to take a look at a project from a holistic view and ask if a potential tenant will enhance the existing mix and add something special to the community.


SERVICE: People first – In everything we do, we put people first. In the end, everything we do is defined by relationships. Every project we embark on, we create experiences that build connections between friends and family, as well as employees and customers.


inspiring moments.